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US Customs Brokerage Services
As a licensed US Customs Broker we'll work on your behalf to ensure that all your imports are in compliance with US Customs & Border Protection requirements. Our expertise translates into real benefits for our clients, from a first time importer introducing a new product to the market to companies founded in the 1920's. Our corporate broker's license is an assurance that our entire company stands behind our brokerage business. As a national permit holder with CBP we have authority to clear your freight coming into all ports of entry. The Delco Group, Ltd is a proud member of C-TPAT and we have worked with clients to fulfill the requirements to join C-TPAT and enjoy the benefits of membership. We are also a full Regular Member of the NCBFAA with access to all the resources and national lobbying of the organization. We work with our clients in all aspects of the customs process and explain everything from classifications to customs rulings to valuation to customs bond requirements to customs examinations. Our close relationships with our clients and organization of the import paperwork allow our entries to consistently be submitted upon wheels up for air freight or 5 days before arrival for ocean freight. Our clients find that releases are usually received from US Customs prior to arrival at the US port of entry. Contact us for all of your clearance needs.

Some of the Customs programs The Delco Group, Ltd works within:
  • ACE / ABI / RLF / ACH / PMS / ISF

  • The Delco Group, Ltd can also help with all your shipments requiring other government agency releases for entry into the United States:
  • US Fish & Wildlife Entries including CITES
  • FDA Prior Notice of Imported Foods
  • FDA Premarket Notification
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • DOT
  • EPA
  • FCC

  • External Links/Further Information:
  • C-TPAT
  • CROSS (Customs Rulings)