International Freight Forwarding
& Logistics
  • Coordination of all freight booking arrangements
  • Preparation of all pre-shipment booking documents including, but not limited to booking notifications, dock receipts, hazmat declarations.
  • Preparation of Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) in accordance with the Department of Commerce Regulations and submitted electronically with AES
  • Preparation of Steamship Line Bills of Lading
  • Follow up with Steamship Lines to obtain release of Original Bills of Lading
  • Preparation of Certificates of Origin
  • Preparation of Client documentation for overseas distribution in accordance with Client customer requirements
  • Preparation of Airwaybill (for Airfreight Shipments)
  • Preparation of courier bills for document distribution overseas
  • Preparation of all banking documents for Letter of Credit presentation on behalf of Client
  • Courier associated with delivery of documents to local/foreign banks in the case of Letter of Credit documentation
  • All banking and Letter of Credit consultations with Client
  • Carrier rate negotiations
  • Carrier rate audits based on rates negotiated after shipment processing
  • Unlimited communication between Client and their trading partners for smooth coordination of shipments and documentation